Increase Profit Margins With E-Commerce Solutions

Grow your sales potential with an Online Store or Point-of-Sale solution to easily collect payments, from anywhere you do business.


Cape Antrim Knowledge Marketing offers e-Commerce web design and development services throughout Atlantic Canada. We recognize that online shopping has transformed how consumers interact with your products and services, but did you know that only 13% of Nova Scotians engage with online shopping?  The national average is 26%! Now is the time to contact Cape Antrim Knowledge Marketing for an e-Commerce chit-chat.


As a Nova Scotia-based E-commerce web design company, located east of Halifax-Dartmouth, we offer customized and responsive solutions to help you ensure a positive shopping experience for your customers. Be it a dedicated store domain, a method to sell your services, or to promote events, Cape Antrim has the expertise and industry insight to deliver cost-effective e-commerce solutions.

We build online stores with a Canadian E-Commerce provider called Shopify. We’ll set up your payment gateways, and structure your product catalog to promote your best products first.

We also go a step further than our competitors & help you develop processes to support online commerce. We help you develop a plan of action from the moment you get notification of an online sale, to what’s required to get the product into the hands of your customers.

We can also set you up with point-of-sale solutions to easily take credit card payments from your customers – from both your website or on-the-go with your smartphone.



You heard it right. Once again Facebook has launched a change in how your News Feed will be viewed. And yes, this will affect business owners who use the platform to gain leads, make sales, and engage with an audience. The intention is for Facebook users to have a...
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Happy Holidays 2017~2018

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  In 2016, email marketing and automation continued to be the dominant marketing channel, well above efforts by social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. And there’s no sign of that letting up as we look forward to 2018. Not surprisingly, email on mobile...
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Achieving Your Best Reach With Facebook – Free Ebook

DYK? In Canada, there are 15,000,000 active Facebook users (logging in once per month or more) and 9,000,000 who log in every day—this, with only 34,000,000 people in the entire country! With those numbers, it’s easy to reconcile why Facebook is a godsend for...
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Never miss an important email again! Learn how to ‘whitelist’ your critical emails.

WHITELIST? Whitelisting is the action you take to specifically allow emails from a certain source to be allowed into your email inbox. If you're like most internet users, you tolerate the occasional unsolicited e-mail advertisement that a spam filter misses. But,...
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Inbound Marketing Certificate Achieved!

I am pleased to announce that I have achieved Certification as an Inbound Marketing Specialist, as designated by E-marketing industry leader: HubSpot. HubSpot is not just a highly regarded brand and industry leader, it is marketing software. In fact, it’s an entire...
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Have You Met Bob?

Hi there! I'd like to introduce you to Bob. He's like many of my clients - exceptionally busy, and extraordinarily talented in his field. But one thing Bob lacks is the time to develop a proper online marketing strategy. That's why Bob hires Cape Antrim because we...
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Do You Have 2 Minutes & 50 Seconds?

Take a quick break, enjoy a catchy tune and watch the East of promotional video!...
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Download Your Free E-Book – E-Marketing Buzzwords

LEARN COMMON LINGO, JARGON & PHRASEOLOGY OF DIGITAL MARKETING Do you speak marketing? If you want to see through all the marketing hype these days, it’s critical you actually learn the language so you can translate the buzzwords into regular words. DOWNLOAD THE...
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GREAT NEWS FOR MY CLIENTS! I am very pleased to to annouce that I have been recognized as a professional website developer with Squarespace. Acceptance to the #Circle is is limited to experienced developers. As a member, I can reward my clients with significant...
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